HadererMuller TVO Decade Report

Design services

Design is a part of all we do as medical illustrators: From the layout of an illustration’s labels for sequential flow to the angle of the instruments directing the reader’s eye to the salient points, visual design is key in successfully communicating a story. When adding motion or interactivity, storytelling (and storyboarding) becomes even more critical!

My education began with graphic design, and every now and then a special project comes along that allows me to flex that muscle while working with some pretty cool people doing some really important work in healthcare. Illustrations may not be required, but creativity and collaboration certainly are!

I’ve worked closely with the Technology and Innovation Development Office (TIDO) at Boston Children’s Hospital to create a series of annual reports showcasing their work in bringing together research and industry in the service of improved patient care.

I’ve also worked closely with the Technology Ventures Office (TVO) at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC). In 2013 I worked with them on the creation of a Decade Report highlighting stand-out success stories of partnerships in research and healthcare innovation facilitated by TVO from 2002–2012.

TVO has just published their 2014 annual report online—another design collaboration between Haderer & Müller and BIDMC’s TVO.

Here are a few peeks at reports we’ve designed in the past:

TVO_DecadeRpt2 TVO_DecadeRpt TIDO2011_AnnRpt TIDO2009_AnnRpt