We understand

Our unique training in science and medicine allows us to converse with scientists and physicians, carry out additional research, and ask the appropriate questions to understand our client’s message and the science behind it. We speak your language, so invite us to join you at the table! Backwards DNA undermines your credibility—Trust a professional medical illustrator to get it right.

We organize

Learning is more natural when information is organized intuitively, chunked into logical learning objects, and presented via patterns easily processed by the human brain. Our grasp of information design, instructional design, and user experience helps us clarify the story and emphasize the most salient points. Too much information and the message is lost; Too little information and the audience is.

We visualize

Almost half of the brain is involved in making sense of visuals. Not only do illustrations help people remember a story, but they also express concepts difficult to put in to words and clarify relationships impossible to see in photos. We employ visual learning cues to clarify your message and simplify whenever possible to avoid cognitive overload of working memory. No doubt a picture is worth a thousand words…

We communicate

Visual storytelling is the name of our game. We craft image and word story appropriate for a specific audience. The instructive value of our images is what sets us apart. A visualization need not be complex to communicate clearly—in fact, for some target audiences, simple is more effective. Pretty pictures? Well, yes. But more importantly, our goals are engagement, education, and communication.


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