Medical and scientific illustration forms the foundation of our studio’s work. From surgical illustration to patient education figures to depictions of aquarium species, the visual transmission of scientific stories is at the core of what we do. As highly-trained specialists, our initial task is to fully grasp the data at hand. Then we find a clear, didactic, engaging way to present it to the defined audience with the appropriate level of detail, the optimal artistic technique, and a logical design presentation.



While scientific accuracy remains vital as always, advertising illustration oftens calls for dynamic use of color, perspective, and layout to grab the viewer’s eye and draw him in to the marketing campaign. Conceptual illustration sums up an idea or provides comment or insight into a specific topic. Our understanding of the science behind the story opens the door to the creation of insightful visuals which enhance the text. These powerful illustrations often grace the pages of magazines or the walls of an exhibit.



We take our client’s problem and develop a solution by combining our knowledge base and grasp of science and medicine with our artistic skills to organize and present information in an intuitive way. Good information design is key in any successful illustration or design. It separates medical illustration from fine art and makes good communication great. When creating visual expressions of information it is important to consider the audience, the media, and the content itself. Whether an illustration or motion graphic, clear communication through design is a part of all we do.



When a static image isn’t enough, animation, interactivity, and multimedia presentations open the doors to an expanded range of didactic storytelling. From interactive data visualization to games and quizzes to mode-of-action demonstrations, movement enhances good information organization, solid content, and quality illustration. User experience design and audience analysis are key to a successful product.


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