Truly, I cannot describe how excited we are about this latest round of storyboards… To see his brainchild depicted in clear and straightforward steps like this was a treat for both of us…  Your work will go a long way to conveying the basic premise behind his invention to layperson and physician alike.  To say the least, we are very pleased.”

-Dan Ahern; Sr. Strategic Communications Manager

…they were able immediately to grasp the thrust of the illustrations and improve upon the original design in numerous instances. They were not only excellent and efficient, but also a joy to work with. They have my highest recommendation.”

-Gordon Strewler, MD; Professor of Medicine

For my books on resilience, six years in the writing, I desperately needed an illustration that shows the regions of the brain involved in trauma, memory, and executive function. Joanne produced the best, clearest illustration of the brain that I have ever seen—technically accurate, beautifully crafted, and an amazing help to me in teaching. What’s more, she has been incredibly pleasant, responsive, and respectful to work with. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with her work and character. I just wish there were more people in the world like her.”

-Glenn Schiraldi, PhD, LTC; Book Author, Retired Professor

…she’s detailed oriented with the estimate, use,… but then also easy-going, flexible, available… Great combo! The team is thrilled with the work and the piece will turn out beautifully I’m sure… Thanks so much—you really have been dreamy to work with.”

-Kim Roemer; Senior Art Buyer

…a great scientific/medical illustrator who has provided expert illustrations for our online scientific/medical journal. We are extremely pleased and satisfied with her work, and I would recommend her for anyone who needs superb illustrations dealing with scientific/medical subject matter.”

-Neil Andrews, Managing Editor

I truly appreciate your cooperation, patience, and “can do” attitude, not to mention outstanding talent—I feel very fortunate to be able to work with such a wonderful team.”

-Anne Greene; Senior Medical Illustrator

She was a delight to work with, was good at communicating her ideas, was timely with work, and the final booklet was creative and amazingly beautiful.”

-David Altman, Sr. Marketing Communications Specialist

I love your simple graphic approach… Your contemporary palette and use of shapes allows the image to stay fresh and timeless. I would definitely use you guys again.”

-Sebastian Pallini; Senior Art Director

…a joy to work with – talented, professional, and extraordinarily accomodating. Her willingness to put in whatever it takes to get the job done has enabled us to deliver top-quality work even under the most difficult deadlines.”

-Laurie Beckelman, Associate Director, Development Communications

Fantastic! Quick and extremely efficient!”

-Raffaele De Caterina, MD; Professor, Author