You bring the message, we’ll craft the visuals. Or invite us on board to help decide exactly how your story should unfold for your particular audience. We’re here to help!

Most projects begin with an inquiry about our availability, experience, and fees. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have… and we’ll have some for you, too.

  • It all starts with a conversation by phone or email to understand your project, your needs, your timeline, and your expectations for image style and licensing rights. We may ask to review some of your materials to fully grasp the depth of the project.
  • We’ll provide you with an estimate and terms for your review. This will include a description of the project, reproduction rights transferred, fees, timeline for deliverables, and other terms about how we’ll proceed.
  • Once that’s sorted out and the contract is signed, we’ll put you on our schedule and move on to research. We’ll consult with you or your subject matter experts (SMEs) as necessary (and do our own research as well, of course) until we fully understand the story behind the image.
  • Preliminary artwork comes next. In the case of an illustration, this may be a pencil sketch, but it may take other forms depending on the particular project. We’ll work back and forth with you (or your SME) revising the drafts until we have the preliminary artwork just right. We find that two rounds of review and revision usually works out well for most clients.
  • With your approval, we’ll move on to final artwork. (The project may call for one last review of final work in-progress.)
  • And finally, delivery of digital files via the internet… on time and on budget!
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